Teeth Whitening On-The-Go

With a job that puts me in front of the camera, I’m constantly making sure my hair is under-control and my makeup is set, but another feature that comes to mind before I grab the microphone and step in front of the camera is my smile. I would buy whitening strips to help keep my smile bright, but the results I wanted weren’t coming the way I hoped and while I’m always on the go, I didn’t have time to go to a professional whitening clinic either.

I finally found the best quick and easy way to keep my smile bright by using the “Smile Brilliant” whitening treatment.

After purchasing your whitening treatment, you’re sent a kit in the mail where you make your own personal molds of your top and bottom rows of teeth at home, then you send them right back to their factory.

I waited no more than 6 days and my own personal whitening trays arrived at my front door! I love the way that Smile Brilliant made my personal trays, but they also catered to my personal needs. My teeth have always been very sensitive and hard to endure whitening treatments because of it. Smile Brilliant sent me the ‘Whitening Gel’ and also ‘Desensitzing Gel’ that I was able to put on after my whitening sessions, it helped with my sensitivity and made whitening my teeth a more bearable process!

After 4 weeks, the teeth I thought were decently white turned out to be brighter than ever after using the “Smile Brilliant” whitening treatment. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a way to get a brighter smile but in a more affordable, personal and easy way!

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If you’re interested in trying Smile Brilliant, there’s a special giveaway going on NOW! Simply visit this link and enter your information for a chance to win a purchase credit up to $149! You can also use ‘katieemmer15’ at checkout for 15% off your order! Happy whitening my friends! 🙂

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