The transfer to SCSU

Since I was a kid, I always had the dream to achieve a career in Sports Broadcasting. It started when I was younger reporting to my mom about every play my brothers were apart of on the ice. I loved proclaiming the updates and exaggerating the intensity of games and  eventually realized that sometime in my future, I would want to give a report to not only my mom about a game, but thousands and thousands of people.

That being said, I knew I wanted to go to a school that offered the necessary programs and proper classes to get me closer to making this dream a reality. Safe to say, by my senior year of high school, I veered from this vision as I accepted an invitation to play basketball at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo. The experiences I had in Hawai’i were some of the best and I learned a lot about myself as a person and also as a student. Long story short, the jump to the islands was amazing but I had to give myself a reality check. It wasn’t getting me closer to my career goals. After lots of consideration and discussions with my friends, teammates and coaches, I decided to travel back home to Minnesota and transfer to St. Cloud State University where I could get to business and get this ball rolling.

I had always heard of the awards SCSU students in the Mass Communications department received but had never really noticed until I started my first day walking into the tv studios. I knew that this school was the right pick for me. The many clubs and shows to get involved in kept me busy right away and in only my first year I learned the most I’ve ever gotten to learn about sports broadcasting. I am so excited to continue my studies at this school and look forward to what more I will be able to learn in the months to come.

One of my favorite things about St. Cloud State is the hockey production team we have here called “Husky Productions.” HP is a student run sports broadcast that displays the SCSU hockey games to over 30,000 households. It’s about as real as it gets and I love the feeling it brings of a real-world sports broadcast.

I attached a feature I made from last season on the Husky Stats that were standout at the end of the 2015-2016 season. Make sure to check it out!

For now, I look forward to what more I can learn in the remainder of my time at St. Cloud State.


Video footage recorded in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2015-2016 by Husky Productions.
©2016 Husky Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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