My summer internship at FOX 9

This past summer of 2016, I had the incredible opportunity to be a summer intern at FOX 9-KMSP in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

I was stationed in the sports department under Jim Rich who is a very well known sports anchor for FOX 9 news. I still remember my first day at FOX, I walked into the studios nervously as I was extremely intimidated of such a professional, busy atmosphere of people I didn’t know and jobs I didn’t understand. Although, after only a couple minutes in the studios, it wouldn’t take long for me to feel right at home.

Every member of the staff didn’t fail to introduce themselves and make sure I knew that I could come to them if I had any questions or needs which made me feel more comfortable having a good deal of support on my first day.

As the days and weeks carried on, I was able to do and experience many different things. Some days, I would be sent out with reporters from the news channel to go and gather stories and shoot packages in different areas of the metro and then other days I would be meeting and interviewing different iconic coaches and players in the sports world. It was amazing that I was able to not only focus solely on sports but also the news world and learn how the both of them operate.

All in all, I learned the operations of news, how to hold myself in front of a camera, conduct interviews, advertise social media accounts and many more things! Looking back, the time absolutely flew by. It makes me sad to think about how much I miss it but I continue to remind myself about the friends I was able to make and connections I was able to establish.

I am beyond thankful for the many things I took away from my internship with FOX 9. The memories, the connections, the camera and news knowledge but my favorite thing was that I got to take away several videos of myself in studio where FOX 9 recorded me doing different sportscasts and sent me with copies that I can take and use for the rest of my life.

Attached is a video of me from this past summer down at Viking’s Training Camp where I was able to record my own stand up and assemble my very own news story with the help of photographer Nate Zinnel, Anchor Hobie Artigue and other members of staff.

Video recorded in Mankato, Minnesota and edited in
Eden Prairie, Minnesota in 2016 by FOX 9-KMSP News.
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